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Repairs, Spares and Servicing

Stanley Spares and Repairs

DROP OFF your camera for fast repairs to your Sony Z1, EX1, EX3 or other professional cameras! We repair on-site and aim for a maximum 3-day repair! We are easy to find - just off of Tottenham Court Road. [NB: estimates £50+VAT if we are not asked to fix]

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment and significantly increases both reliability and the resale value. Our qualified engineers can keep your equipment serviced to a very high standard. In most cases, we aim for a 3-day turnaround to minimise your downtime!

Camera Servicing

We fully clean video heads, guide arms and pinch rollers of any tape shedding or other residues and replace any worn parts in the tape loading mechanism. We will also fully clean and check the rest of the camera and lens.Even with solid-state cameras without a tape loading mechanism, the cleaning of all audio and video connectors reduces the risk of bad electrical connections causing unwanted audio and visual artefacts.

Our service engineers will also check the condition of the camera and make sure everything is working correctly and highlight any potential problems that may arise in the future. And we will ensure your camera has all the relevant manufacturer firmware/software versions installed.

VTR repairs and Servicing

Firewire problems, re-heads or general faults repaired on-site swiftly!

We clean all the video heads, guide arms and pinch rollers of any tape shedding and other residues and replace any worn parts in the tape loading mechanism. Worn and dirty cleaning rollers and cleaning brushes can cause expensive head damage due to dirt being deposited onto the heads as well as decreasing the heads lifespan.

Other Repairs

Our engineers can service most broadcast equipment (including power supplies) and we are happy to quote on any repair or service request.

Custom Leads

Our engineers can make most audio and video leads to any length as well as carry out repairs to exisiting leads or cables (Please note does not include digital cables such as HDMI or DVI). Please call or email for further information.


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