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FujiFilm Ultrium Data Cartridges LTO 5

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FujiFilm LTO employs BaFe magnetic particles that FujiFi¬lm successfully put into commercial use for the ¬rest time. A huge amount of data can be stored with less media than hard disks or previous generations of LTO, making it possible to create space-saving storage.

Ultra-high capacity.
High performance transfer rate.
The seventh generation of LTO tape enhances the efficiency of data storage and use.
LTO Storage Capacities
LTO8 is the latest version and therefore has the highest storage capacity available per cartridge.

LTO5: 1.5TB Native, 3TB Compressed.
LTO6: 2.5TB Native, 6.25TB Compressed.
LTO7: 6TB Native, 15TB Compressed.
LTO8: 12TB Native, 30TB Compressed.
300 MB/second transfer rate contributes to enhanced work efficiency.
As the recording density has improved, the transfer rate has risen to 300 MB/second native, almost two times that of the media in the past. Data can be
e ciently managed because it can be written or read more quickly than before. The transfer rate of LTO tapes can be expected to increase in the future.

3 Big Advantages of LTO tape.
Save Cost – Economical

The new LTO tape can save data over 30 years or longer with its high capacity. Tape storage excels in cost- effectiveness in that its per-capacity price is low and that it hardly consumes power to save data. The total cost of backing up 28 TB a year or 140 TB over 5 years can be kept to about 1/4 compared to hard disk.
Both capacity and transfer rate contribute to saving cost from less hardware investment.

Save Data – Safety

Tape media that can be managed offl ine and is portable is ideal for storage at a remote location. It has little risk of being damaged or losing data due to a system failure or virus, meaning important data can be saved safely and securely.

Save Future – Future Road Map

Magnetic tapes are expected to increase in capacity in the future as high-density recording is pursued. At present, a road map toward native capacity of 48 TB (LTO 10) is planned for LTO tapes.

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